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FutureVest - Who We Are

FutureVest is a vehicle providing accredited investors and often non-accredited investors an opportunity to invest in high quality and high return investments. Our goal is to provide quality deals with minimal risk.


FutureVest believes all accredited investors should have equal access to high quality and diverse investment opportunities. Our team provides the means for creating passive income and diversifying portfolios. 

By helping raise funds outside of traditional markets to fund projects and by providing greater access to capital across thousands of investors, we empower business owners, developers, and management teams to focus on what they do best: operate their business.





Each FutureVest investment undergoes a strict due diligence filtering process ensuring you as have the best investment opportunities, allowing you to invest with confidence.


Due Diligence

Investing is risky. We have a team of expert auditors who review each opportunity in detail before they reach our investors to ensure our deals are among the best available.

Safe and Secure

Security and privacy is of the upmost importance to us which is why put in safeguards to mitigate risk.

Professional Integrated Platform

FutureVest is more than a simple intermediary; we are partners and co-developers in our campaigns. This ensures accountability and the highest standards for our investors.

World Class Service

Our commitment to our investors and sponsors is vital. We create a world class experience by maintaining constant communication and transparency to ensure we are exceeding expectations.

Investment Selectivity

We are highly selective in investments and campaigns. We only host deals that we ourselves would invest in. We are committed to the success of our investors.

Ability to scale

Our ability to scale large projects sets us apart as we continually grow and foster global partnerships through vast industries: technology, minerals and mining, real estate, hospitality and much more.


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