Syndicated Investing


How FutureVest Finds Sponsors

FutureVest finds sponsors (groups seeking money to grow their business) in 3 primary ways:

1.      Past and present partners - Our team of advisors have worked with sponsors in the past which regularly translates into new opportunities.

2.      Members and investors - Our members and registered investors often bring their network of sponsors seeking capital to the table.

3.      Simple networking – Our team is constantly networking and working to attract quality investments matching our syndicated model for FutureVest members.

Once a sponsor seeks interest, the FutureVest advising team begins to conduct due diligence on the deal parameters, criteria, and borrowing considerations. These are designed to screen for only high-quality investment opportunities for our members and investors. There are many factors in determining what deals are selected, some of which are:

1.      Returns – at the end of the day, we want to ensure it’s profitable for investors.

2.      Risks – all investments can be risky; our team conservatively evaluates risk in correlation to strong returns.

3.      Gap in the marketplace – we seek companies who have a solution to a pain point in a large industry.

4.      Strong team – we only work with experienced and passionate teams who have BIG visions.

Sincerely, FutureVest Team