Syndicated Investing



Simple and secure syndicated investor marketplace providing direct access to alternative investments spanning many secotrs and markets.









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World Class Service

We take pride in our access to a diverse network and our hands-on approach with our members, issuers, and investors. We provide strong communication and a lasting partnership with our companies and investors, acting as a conduit to a successful campaign and investment return.



Diverse Investments

Investing is risky. Our team of experts employ extensive due diligence to curate opportunities and exceed our high threshold and expectations. We are confident our deals are among the best.



Security and privacy are of utmost importance to us which is why we partnered with a world renowned technology company to stay ahead of the curve for our clients.

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Pipeline of Investors

Many crowdfunding portals only provide a vehicle for issuers to raise money. Along with providing the vehicle, we deliver access to a large sum of seasoned investors that are eagerly waiting for opportunities like yours.

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Join The Syndicate

...and tnvest with your peers!


Who is FutureVest?

How does it work?

FutureVest is a simple and secure marketplace that provides excellent global investment opportunities spanning across many sectors and markets for individual investors. We are a platform for raising money and making investments.

FutureVest provides investors with access to pre-screened and vetted investments opportunities historically unavailable to individuals. FutureVest provides a platform to browse and invest in offerings. It's as simple as join, browse, and invest!

How Do I Raise money?

FutureVest helps companies finance projects that have been a challenge...until now. FutureVest allows you to deal direct with investors through alternative models such as crowdfunding, SAFT, and ICO models. This way you bypass banks and put your projects in the hands of people who truly want to help.