Syndicated Investing

How To Raise Funds

Whethr this is your first time of hundredth time raising capital, we can help you exceed your ambitions goals for your next project.




Step 1: Gather Information

Step 2: Apply for funding

Step 3: REsponse

Review our guidelines and requirements before applying - here

The form can be found here.

Our team will contact you with 24 hours.


Step 1: Gather information

Deal Parameters - we partner with teams who address gaps in the marketplace. If you found a solution to a pain point, we want to help you raise funds necessary for success. We are looking for teams that acknowledge competition and can establish themselves in the marketplace.

Criteria - we work with experienced, passionate, and coachable teams. We seek strong founders with a BIG vision and strong team chemistry.

Borrower Consideration - we pursue deals in companies and industries with a substantial upside and potential for high returns on investments.


Step 2: apply for funding

Form - our form is the beginning step to what could be a successful and long lasting partnership. It allows us to begin due diligence and open a dialogue with you and your team.

Click here for the form

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STEP 3: REsponse

24 hours - once the form has been submitted, our team will review it and respond to you directly within 1-2 business days.

Next Steps - if a partnership is believed to be beneficial, we will continue to build a relationship and will work to raise capital as soon as 3-4 weeks.